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How translate the theme

You can translate the template to any language that you want using the files located at addax/languages folder:

Translating Addax with POEDIT:

  • Search for addax.pot (inside addax/languages folder).
  • You can use POEdit to load this file.
  • Click on Open you will see a dialog like this.

  • Click on create a new translation at the bottom of the application.
  • Select the language that you want, for example: french.
  • Use the translation field to make replacements.
  • When you are ready, go to File -> Save as then save the file with your WordPress locale code inside addax/languages folder. Example: if you are working with a french WordPress installation your file name will be fr_FR.po
  • Go to your server via FTP, and upload the language files into your theme (located at wp-content/themes/addax/languages).
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