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Getting Started

=== EnvyDoc – WP Documentation Plugin ===

All in one online documentation management WordPress plugin.

A wordpress plugin that helps you to create unlimited doc for your project. There are lots of option for customize your doc that makes your doc more user friendly. You can show anywhere of your website by using shortcode.

EnvyDoc Management:

   * General Mode
   * Classic Mode
   * Add Docs
   * Edit Docs
   * View Docs
   * Delete Docs
   * Reorder Docs
   * Section Options
   * Subsection Options
   * Subsection Sub Options
   * Top and Vertical Menu
   * Print Options
   * Email Query Options
   * Image, Description & Icon Options
   * Voting System
   * Shortcode Options

EnvyDoc Knowledge Base

* Custom Post Options
   * Sections Management
   * Post Reorder
   * Live Search With Filtering
   * Popular Knowledge Base Widget
   * Related Knowledge Base Widget
   * Image, Description & Icon Options
   * Shortcode Options
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