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Plugin Options

Docs Opions

  • There are two types of interface for show all docs in our plugin options.
  • At first, users can see our general interface for manage all docs.
  • Then, users can switch to our classic style for manage docs.

General Mode:

Classic Mode:

# For add new docs, users need to click Add New button, then add new doc popup will open, write title and again click on create butto. New doc will be create.

# Next users can see their doc and also there are option for edit, view, delete, reorder all docs.

# There are also options for create unlimited section and subsection under docs with same procedure as like Add New Docs.


# EnvyDoc has category option for create unlimited docs with specific category and docs will be show within this category.


  • You have to create a page and the page contains a shortcode [envy_doc] for all docs in a page.
  • Then select this page from settings option and all docs will be visisble in this page frontend.
  • There are two types of menu for doc details page:
    • Vertical Menu
    • Top Menu
  • EnvyDoc has email feedback option, at first enable it and set an email address that why users query will be get this email address.
  • There are also print option. Users can print their docs from website.
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