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Plugin Options

Position Options:

  • You can set notification position: Top, Bottom, Leftside, Rightside, Popup & None.
  • You can select where you want to show your notice: All, Home, Pages & Posts.
  • You can use two types of style for Left and Right Sidebar: Inside Window & Outside Window.
  • There are option for show or hide on mobile devices.

Content Options

  • You can enable marquee scrolling for notice bar.
  • You can set font size, font weight, button text, button border radius, icon font size, icon class, icon border radius.
  • There are new feature for subscribe. This is integrate Mailchimp for WordPress. You can use this plugin and just write shortcode here.

Date/Time Options

  • You can set your notice date & time.
  • After set your date & time, notice countdown will start.

Social Options

  • You can use social media in this notification bar.
  • There are option for add social title and social media link.

Color Options

There are lots of option for set notification color:

  • Notifs Bar Background Color
  • Notifs Bar Font Color
  • Notifs Button Background Color
  • Notifs Button Background Hover Color
  • Notifs Button Font Color
  • Notifs Button Font Hover Color
  • Notifs Close Icon Background Color
  • Notifs Close Icon Background Hover Color
  • Notifs Close Icon Font Color
  • Notifs Close Icon Font Hover Color
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