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Plugin Options

Target Options:

  • You can select where you want to show your notice: All, Home, Pages, Posts, Shortcode and Custom.
  • Users can show their popup by specific event. There are three types of events Web Page Load, Web Page Scroll and Mouse Leave From Window.
  • There are option for show or hide on desktop & mobile devices.
  • You can set popup delay time in seconds.
  • You can also enable cookie system.
  • You can use full screen popup.
  • There are option to show popup by use shortcode [envy_popup_display]
  • There are another option to show popup by use custom class [envy-popup-display]

Content Options

  • You can enable marquee scrolling for popup title only.
  • You can set font size, font weight, font color for title & content.
  • There are also option for search. You can enable or disable it.

Countdown & Animation Options

  • There are animation option start popup & end popup.
  • Two types of animation: Fade (fadeIn & fadeOut) & Slide (slideUp & slideDown)
  • Users can use countdown in Popup and set their specific year, month, day, hour & minute.

Post Options

  • There are lots of message option for customize your popup.
  • You can set Close & Custom Button Type, Close & Custom Button Text, Close & Custom Button Size and Custom Button URL.
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