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Plugin Options

General Options

  • At first, You have enable EnvyPreloader, then It will show.
  • There are twenty types of preloader style. You can use any of these.
  • Target options – You can select where you want to show.
    • All, Home, Pages & Posts
  • Show/Hide on desktop & mobile devices system
  • Sessions for preloader show to a users at on time.

Message Options

There are lost of options for message as like:

  • Enable/Disable Message Option
  • Welcome Message
  • Random Message
  • Message Position
  • Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Font Color

Progress Options

There are lost of options for show progress bar :

  • Multiple Types Of Progress
  • Progress Position
  • Progress Bar Width
  • Progress Bar Height
  • Progress Bar Background Color
  • Progress Bar Font Color
  • Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height, Letter Spacing

Event Options

There are event options for background animation and also time for show at specific time.

  • Minimum Load Time
  • Maximum Load Time
  • Background Animation

    • Slide Left & Right
    • Slide Up
    • Slide Down
    • Slide Left
    • Slide Right
    • Fade Out
    • Shrink & Fade
    • Split & Reveal Vertically
    • Split & Reveal Horizontally

Appearance Options

There are appearance options for show preloader with multiple types of color and background image:

  • Background Color Type
  • Background Solid Color
  • Background Gradient Color
  • Transparent Background Color
  • Background Opacity
  • Close Button Show Or Hide
  • Close Button Background Color
  • Close Button Font Color
  • Desktop Background Image
  • Mobile Background Image

Advanced Options

There are advanced options for show preloader in any places via shortcode. You can enable advanced option first and then click on Generate button for show multiple types of shortocode for multiple styles.

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