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Installation On Local

Before starting this please have a look at this requirements link and make sure, then go to the below.

If you decided to use Strapi version of Feliz then please jump to 2.

Static Version

  1. Open the feliz-nuxt-static folder and open a terminal/bash/command on that folder and run these commands one by one.
    1. npm install
    2. npm run dev
    3. Go To localhost:3000
    4. Done

Dynamic Version

2. Open the feliz-nuxt-with-api/feliz-api and update the config/plugin.js file as the cloudinary credentials.

  1. npm install
  2. npm run develop
  3. Go To localhost:1337
  4. Login by the credential Email: [email protected] Password: EnvyTheme1
  5. Done

Still, confused? Don’t worry! See this below Video Tutorial.

2. Video Tutorial

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