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Local Installation

Before starting this please have a look at this requirements link and make sure, then go to the below.

If you decided to use Feliz Strapi version then please jump into #2.

Static Version

  1. Open the feliz-nuxt-static folder and open a terminal/bash/command on that folder and run these commands one by one.
    1. npm install
    2. npm run dev
    3. Go To localhost:3000
    4. Done

Folder Structure

Dynamic Version

2. Open the feliz-nuxt-with-api/feliz-api and update the config/plugin.js file as the cloudinary credentials.

  1. npm install
  2. npm run develop
  3. Go To localhost:1337
  4. Login by the credential Email: [email protected] Password: EnvyTheme1
  5. Done

Folder Structure

Still confused? Don’t worry! Check the installation and configuration Video Tutorial below-

Video Tutorial

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