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Language Translations

All of our Themes are translatable to any language. The process of translation of the theme is user responsibility. The following instructions have been added for translation guidance.

  1. Open wp-config.php and replace this: define ('WPLANG', ''); with this (substitute the language string (bg_BG) with your own!): define ('WPLANG', 'bg_BG');
  2. Download and install POEDIT
  3. Connect to your site -> open your theme/languages directory
  4. Download the default.pot file and open it with poedit software.
  5. Translate file and save it as bg_BG (the file name must match with the string you inserted into wp-config.php)
  6. Two files will be generated after saving. bg_BG.pot and bg_BG.mo
  7. Upload the .mo and .pot files into wp-content/themes/your-theme/languages folder

Your WordPress installation should be in the language you intended on using the site.

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