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Installation On Local

Before starting this please have a look at this requirements link and make sure, then go to the below.

If you decided to use Static version of Spet then please jump to 2.

  1. Open the without-strapi folder and open a terminal/bash/command on that folder and run these commands one by one
    1. npm install
    2. npm run develop
    3. Go to localhost:8000
    4. Done

2. Open the with-strapi and there are 2 folders one is spet-api and another one is spet and these two are dependent on one and another.

  • After installing the PostgreSQL you will get an admin web page like (PGAdmin) and go there and create a database by name spet-api and now follow the below images.
  • Now you will get a modal window like below and follow that.
  • Click on Restore if you finish then. Now you will get a success message somewhere on a window or you may get an error message with a warning color but that doesn’t matter, just leave that and go next level.
  • Now open the /spet-api/config/database.js and update the DATABASE_USERNAME and DATABASE_PASSWORD if you have setup.
  • Now open the /spet-api/config/plugins.js update the Cloudinary credentials as there have keys like cloud_name, api_key, api_secret
  • And now open a command prompt into this spet-api folder and run like below
  • Now open the spet folder which is in that directory like with-strapi and follow like below by opening another command prompt in this folder.

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