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Customer Payment Processing

This payment processing system is only for dummy purposes. If you want to do real payment please do it by your own using payment gateway.

To do this dummy processing Customers need to signup and then login to the site. Only login user can send dummy payments to others customers who are already signed up.

Some screenshots are given below:

1.For customer signup please follow the steps:

Then login by providing your information.

After login you can see account section in menu bar where you can create dummy payment, can see sender details, receiver details also all can see all user information.

User information table shows the available customers information whom to login user can send payments. This table information needs to create a new payment.

In this form please provide the receiver name, receiver account number, and receiver account email by checking the user information table. For example: if you select receiver name “testtwo”, you need to give email and account number by checking user information table.

In sender details you can see sender details

In receiver details you can see all received payments customers details.

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