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Demo Installation

Our demo data import lets you have the whole data package in minutes, delivering all kinds of essential things quickly and simply. All you need to do is to navigate to  Appearance  Import Demo Data. Hit the Import button which demos you like.

Have a cup of coffee. The process is within minutes.

When finishing, it should look like this:

Go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays and choose the page you like to be your front page and posts
page then hit Save changes.

Upkeep has 3 WordPress Menu locations:

  • Main Menu – this is your primary website menu which appears next to your website logo.
  • Top Menu – this is your website top menu
  • Footer Menu – this is your website footer menu.
  • To set up your menus you will first need some pages! Once you’ve got some pages, go to Appearance->Menus. If you imported the Demo Data you will see something like this.

Follow the under screenshot……….

To assign this menu to a theme location, check the  Main Menu checkbox and hit “Save Menu”. This will assign the Primary Menu to the Primary Menu theme menu location. Then choose the top menu from the dropdown and check the Top Menu checkbox and hit “Save Menu”. Same as Footer Menu.

Your site has been set up correctly!

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