How to import new demos?

How to import new demos?

How to import new demos?

After updating eCademy version 3.0 if you want to get new demo pages data then you have to do that manually by following the instructions below.

Before importing new demo data please make sure updated eCademy theme and eCademy Toolkit plugin.

Step: 1 Download Templates file form here

  1. Distance Learning
  2. Language School
  3. Modern Schooling
  4. Yoga Training
  5. Health Coaching
  6. Kindergarten
  7. Gym Coaching
  8. Learning Management
  9. e-learning School
  10. Business Coach
  11. Motivation
  12. Kitchen Coach

Step: 2 Navigate to  TemplatesImport Templates.

Step: 3 Choose a downloaded JSON file and hit the Import Now button

Step: 04 Go to Dashboard -> Pages->Add New and Click Edit with Elementor button.

Step: 05 Click on the add template icon.

Step: 06 Go to My Templates tab and insert demo from list.

Step: 07 New demo imported successfully. Please don’t forgot to hit Publish button

Warning: You can’t get the course and blog post data into imported pages as this is Elementor data.